Tuesday Tunes #39

Man, somedays I just really miss Seattle. It’ll hit me at weird times, but I guess it’s good to get the little twinge every once in a while. Just a constant reminder of all the positive that continues to come out of that little nook of the world. Last week I got inspired and made a whole list of songs and rappers that reminded me of the Emerald City. “The Northwest fill my lungs, heals the pain in my chest.”

Tuesday Tunes #37

Well, lookey here, I’m on time! Hanging in frigid Madrid at the moment, not a lick of snow in the entire country. This may be my latest opening day to start, but I’m holding out hope for one heck of a late season push. In the mean time I have been reminiscing about snowier days, and the tracks that remind me of them. While this Grieves song doesn’t exactly remind me of snow, it does remind me of rainy Seattle days that were surely dumping the goods up in the Cascades. B Ez, mi gente.

On Assignment: REI Travel Guides

Winter is kicking into gear and planning has pretty much shifted toward how the heck I’m going to get more snow time this year, but I’ve been pretty pumped on some of my off-snow projects this year.

For one, I’ve been lucky to team up with REI’s Co-op Journal and their new travel guide initiative. Along with outdoors and travel gear, the company is trying to become a resource for everything travel, including information on locations around the world. Luckily, I’ve washed up in a few of those locations and know a thing or two. Even luckier, REI tapped me to share my knowledge to a whole new group of folks.

So, if you’re looking to head somewhere new anytime soon and don’t want to read any of my jumbled emails, follow along for some pretty well-organized travel guides to some pretty cool places.

First up, Portugal.

Screen Shot 2019-01-04 at 2.04.28 PM.png

Tuesday Tunes #34

Christmas season is upon us and I have been slowly watching as the woods fill up with snow around the world. Waiting patiently for my chance to join the downhill frolicking, but for now I’ve got my nose to the grindstone. Thanks to The Bamboos for keeping me (and all of us) moving in the right direction this week. Yew!

Tuesday Tunes Dirty 30!

No, not me, silly—that’s in two weeks. Tuesday Tunes hits the milestone a little early, with my version of a Halloween song. Listening to “Monotonia” by The Growlers makes me feel like I’m walking into one of those black and white, grainy hipster video edits at a SoCal biker bar turned hipster hangout. You know the feeling? Yeah, I thought so. Trick and treat, mi gente.

Tuesday Tunes! #29

Hello world, we are coming in with a total request live from good friend and goal sniper Peter Rosoff all the way from Boston, Massachusetts. He and I have always had a thing for creative hip hop and it’s great to see that he’s still carrying the torch. Thanks for the rec, duder. And shoutout to mid-calves and flip-flops. Now sit back and enjoy, gente.

Tuesday Tunes #22

Okay, I haven't been overly psyched on the trap movement nor have I been overly impressed by new, mainstream Spanish music, but I think I may have met my match. Combining trap with flamenco in one of the most interesting tracks I've heard in 2018, Rosalía dropped, "Malamente," with a killer music video.

Mixing in so many subtle cultural elements, from the flamenco clap and gypsy influence, to the moto-matador battle, to the capirote-d skater (the cap used for traditional Easter celebrations that might resonate a little different with us Westerners) this video shows a grittier Spain that what we get from the reggaeton/pop world. Spain is a very dynamic peninsula, and Rosalía gives us a chunk to chew on. Disfruta, gente.

On Assignment: Lindsey Runkel's Redemption for REI

I recently started working with REI's blog on a series of bike projects, including one about friend and adaptive downhill mountain biker Lindsey Runkel. I know a blog might not seem like a cradle of good writing, but REI has done an incredible job investing in its storytelling, from editors, to writers to story content. Needless to say, I'm excited to work with these guys and see where we can go from here.

If you have a second to check out Runkel's incredible journey, take a look. Thanks!