Photo cred to the one and only Jens Heig. Thanks bud, I owe you one.

Photo cred to the one and only Jens Heig. Thanks bud, I owe you one.

The short and simple of it is this: I love a good story.

Whether it's my friends, grandparents, or a stranger on the bus, I am always a captive audience—if the tale has a pulse, I'm listening. I also love sharing these stories, a passion that has led me from the Western U.S., to rural China, to the barbed-wire surf scene in Lebanon, with many a pitstop in between. Along the way I've published work with The New York Times, POWDER, and several dream publications, in addition to earning national award recognition.

The road in between has featured its fair share of camping—whether it be in the traditional sense, or in the car, airport, couch, and anywhere-I-can-put-my-sleeping-bag sense—and a little more fast food than I care to admit. But, that hustle has been a greater learning tool than any textbook I ever overpaid for. It's given me a chance to see the world, meet great people, and understand that there is so much out there that deserves a voice. Plus, who doesn't like a little camping, anyway?

Awards & Honors

2017 City and Regional Magazine Award finalist for Feature Writing — Katie Rose on Top of the World, Seattle Met Magazine

2017 MAGGIE Awards finalist for Best Feature — Awakening: China’s Ski Revolution, POWDER